So while shopping last week, I popped into the Apple Store. I wanted to take a look at Aperture 3. I have been using Aperture 2 since it was released. I wasn't using it much. But once I started shooting RAW and iPhoto doesn't really handle RAW very well, I have been using it more and more. And now with this project, I am using it everyday. So I am very interested in what differences there are in Aperture 3. So I went in for a small demo. And I am jazzed! I really want it. I think it's got some really nice things that were/are lacking in ver. 2.

One thing I was shown was how to change the info in the metadata tab. I am very excited about this. It's kinda buried, and I was never sure how to add notes. Since I am shooting with different apps on the iPhone that have different filters, I want to note which filter I used. I could use key works but I am not a big fan of them within Aperture. So I was able to find a "Special Instructions" area which I added to my metadata tab. I probably should take a class on Aperture to get the most out of my workflow.

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