Day 2

Drove through the Art's District of downtown LA. I love this area because of all of the warehouses. 

Day 1

Yummy yummy Portos! I had to have blood work done. So I decided to pick up breakfast before hand. So many tasty treats. 

Redo, Reboot, Restart

Life got in the way. I got sloppy and stopped posting. Which meant I stopped shooting. Which means, I failed this project. So I've decided to restart this from Day 1. Which means June 1, 2015 will be my new start date. I am working on a better way to keep myself accountable to this Project 365. More alarms will be set, so I don't forget a Day. 

Day 22

I was working on images for my business cards today. I have awesome light meter that I would use when I would shoot 16mm movie film. I don't shoot film anymore, so it's become a decorator piece. 

Day 21

Continuing with the all Marvel Birthday/Christmas presents, I received in the mail some really cool badges. I got both Bucky's and Peggy's IDs. So fully of AWESOME! 

Day 20

Driving through Burbank while out running errands, I snapped this picture of the car wash. I just loved how the sun was setting and the colors of the sky and clouds. 

Day 19

I'm very much about supporting local small businesses. Besame Cosmetics are a vintage inspired/repro makeup company. Their packaging is very much like something you'd see in make up from the 1940's and 1950's. They have a retail store in Burbank, CA in the Magnolia Park area. Besame's lipsticks have been used most recently in American Horror Story: Freak Show and Marvel's Agent Carter