Day 22

I was working on images for my business cards today. I have awesome light meter that I would use when I would shoot 16mm movie film. I don't shoot film anymore, so it's become a decorator piece. 

Day 21

Continuing with the all Marvel Birthday/Christmas presents, I received in the mail some really cool badges. I got both Bucky's and Peggy's IDs. So fully of AWESOME! 

Day 20

Driving through Burbank while out running errands, I snapped this picture of the car wash. I just loved how the sun was setting and the colors of the sky and clouds. 

Day 19

I'm very much about supporting local small businesses. Besame Cosmetics are a vintage inspired/repro makeup company. Their packaging is very much like something you'd see in make up from the 1940's and 1950's. They have a retail store in Burbank, CA in the Magnolia Park area. Besame's lipsticks have been used most recently in American Horror Story: Freak Show and Marvel's Agent Carter

Day 18

Ahhhh.... Sprecher is my favorite small brewery. They do both beer and soda. And they are from Milwaukee, WI. We went down to watch the Packers game with one of my friends from high school that lives here in the LA area. Unfortunately, the Packers lost in a heartbreaking game. But at least I got some good soda out of it. 

Day 17

My most AWESOME eBay purchase. I've started wearing broaches with my retro dresses. I saw this on eBay and thought it was super cool. The propellers actually can move. It needs to be cleaned up a bit but it's going to look great! 

Day 16

This lamp is LOVELY!! Took a trip over to the Pasadena Antique Center. Most of the items there are way out of my price range. And it was most furniture, which I'm not in the market for just yet. 

Day 15

I went to Gnomon School in Hollywood to look at an concept art exhibit. As we were leaving, I saw this really neat set of pipes. I really liked the color and the lines. 

Day 14

Out for another walk, I passed by our neighbor's planter. These little flowers are super cute. 

Day 13

According to Jan 13th is National Rubber Ducky day. I happen to have a few rubber duckies. My devil duck was the only one I could find. 

Day 12

Out for another walk, I came across a neighbors front yard. They had a lot of these displays. These little kids are so LA with their sunglasses on. 

Day 11

Out for a walk, I found this rusted gate. I love the colors. From the rust to the flaking paint, the texture looks very interesting. 

Day 10

Los Angeles finally got some rain! We so need it. This was shot on my iPhone through my sun roof looking up at a tree.

Day 9

Classic cars fascinate me. The lines. The colors. The chrome. A time when things were different.  Southern California is known for it's car scene. And the place to see amazing classic cars is at Bob's Big Boy on Friday nights. Car owners come to hang out with their friends. This was taken with the Hipstamatic app using the Americana lens and Blanko Freedom13 film. 

Day 8

I was took an evening and found this street light with the San Fernando sign. It just spoke to me. 

Day 7

The Arts District and just south of DownTown LA is a favorite place for film and TV shoots. And I love the area. Unfortunately, this monstrosity was build in the area. It is called One Santa Fe. It is an overpriced live/work building. And it has totally ruined the sight lines of the city. When I drove through the area, there was some type of production happening. 

Day 6

A lovely birthday lunch at The Proud Bird. This restaurant has a long and wonderful aviation history. It has been around for over 40 years. And unfortunately, it's a dying breed. In 2013, they were being threatening with closed. Because the land is super expensive. It was saved and they are trying to get it historic landmarked, so LAX can't demo it. I would be sad to see it go. LA is not a city has preserves its history. 

Day 5

The BF gave me some AMAZING pins for our 9 year anniversary. These pins are from the fictional Strategic Scientific Reserve in the Marvel Comics universe. I totally loved Agent Carter in Capt. America. And I'm super excited about the TV Agent Carter. These pins will go on my upcoming purchase of a WWII uniform.

Day 4

Picked up some apples after having a craving for fruit. They weren't the greatest. But they did hit the spot.

Day 3

I was feeling a little cooped up. And wanted to get out of the apartment. So we went The Americana to walk around and see the pretty tree.

Day 2

Not exactly the way I wanted to start the year but it had to be done. This pump gives me medicine that allows me to kick Rheumatoid Arthritis right in the ass!

Day 1

Starting the year off with a Los Angeles landmark. City Hall has been in countless movies and TV shows. It is such a lovely building. I do want to go poke around inside the building one of these days.