Day 54

This is off Santa Fe Ave. This drive goes down into the LA River. It has been in MANY MANY television shows and movies. I have always wanted to go down the river bed. But it's can be really unsafe. I'm going to have to make a plan..... ;) 

Day 53

I had almost forgotten to get my picture for the day. I stopped to take this picture with my iPhone. I've been noticing that my iPhone's camera has this green tint to the center of the photo. And it didn't handle the neon very well. I forgot to get AppleCare on my phone, so I can't get it swapped out. Boo. I'll just have to deal with it until I can upgrade my phone. 

Day 52

PONIES!!! I am OBSESSED with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I decided to watch MLP:FiM after I saw a couple of shorts by Lauren Faust, who created MLP:FiM.  I was given a couple of blind bags of ponies to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. It is now turned into a full on collection. These are just some of my mini blind bag ponies. I LOVE PONIES!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!

Day 51

This is my hand. I am getting my SuperSerum dripped in. I slept for almost the entire drip. I'm so glad. 

Day 50

During the month of October, many of the cable stations run Halloween specials. One them featured a store called Dapper Cadaver. They are a prop house here in Los Angeles. They provide all the creepy props for some of your favorite shows such as: CSI, NCIS, Bones etc. They are AWESOME! I had wanted to go in during the Halloween season but it is so crazy; I decided to wait. I popped in and was not disappointed!! 

Day 49

I was having a hard time with inspiration. That night nothing I shot I cared for. I drove into downtown Burbank. There were a couple of neon signs. I'm still not thrilled with this picture. But it's the best I that I shot of the evening. 

Day 48

Upon cleaning out my part of my parents attic, I found a some buttons. Some are vintage from my grandparents and some are from the 1980's. Have a couple of Green Bay Packers buttons. Have a few from events my parents went to when I was a kid. 

Day 47

There is an AMAZING event in San Pedro every year called The Great Air Raid. It is a World War II reenactment. In 1942, there was this something that traveled up and down the coast of California. The military shot over 1500 rounds at it. And it didn't come down. Some say it was weather balloon, others say it was aliens. The Great Air Raid reenacts the day and shoots off blanks and fireworks at the end of the evening. There is a big band and many awesome WW2 jeeps, cars and transports. Most people show up in period dress. And it's aways a BLAST!!  You can read more about the actual event in 1942 here.

Day 46

In keeping with the comic book theme, I found these super cute Batgirl undies at Target. I couldn't not get them they are so cute!! 

Day 45

I've started reading comics. Some of my wonderful friends have shown me how wonderful comics are to read. There is one comic book store in Los Angeles that I would consider "my comic book store". It's called House of Secrets and it's here in Burbank. It's smaller than some stores here in LA but I really like how much help I get. Also being a lady who reads comics, I've been ignored at other stores. I've started reading DC's New 52 WonderWoman and Batgirl. Batgirl is AMAZING! Plus one of my friends, Andrea Letamendi, is in Issue 16 of BatGirl as Batgirl's therapist.

This is the floor of House of Secrets. The whole store is covered in AWESOME! A worthwhile check out if you are in Los Angeles.

Day 44

The BF and I went over to one of favorite cafes. It's a Cuban place called Porto's. Their food is so yummy. Having gotten my blood drawn earlier in the day, I needed to get coffee and something to eat. And Porto's is just down the way from the blood draw building. It's the perfect excuse to get a yummy Medianoche sandwich and a coffee.

Day 43

I had purchased a few jar candles recently. I've always like candles but have been really nervous about having them lit. I've been putting them lit on the stove top. It's safer there and I know they won't be knocked over easily.  This picture shows the curves of the jar and how it distorts the flame image. 

Day 42

I've driven down Victory Blvd. many many times. And I've always wondered about the few motels that  are still there. I love the sign. I only wish it was neon. I can just picture how things looked in the 1950's when small motels were the norm. 

Day 41

I was tasked with the mission of finding glow in the dark hot glue sticks for a friend. I went to many craft stores had no luck. I decided to try Halloween Town. They are a year round Halloween and spooky stuff store. Unfortunately, they did not have the glue sticks. But I did get to wander around the store and see all the cool things they have to purchase.

Day 40

A good friend of mine Theresa, participated in a craft fair at Clockwork Couture. Clockwork Couture is a steampunk store here in Burbank. They carry steampunk clothing and accessories. Their work is beautiful. I highly recommend if you are in the market for steampunk cosplay to check out their store if you are in the Los Angeles area or check out their website HERE.

Day 39

Cleaning out some bins of a friends storage warehouse, we came upon this AWESOME vintage official Han Solo Return of the Jedi vest. It is a junior size, so it's a bit small on me. But it does fit. It was sold by Lucas Film when the movie came out in 1983. I can't find anything on the web. But it does have the words "official Lucas Film". My friend was going to put it up on eBay but I asked if I could have it first.

Day 38

This a picture of my boyfriend, Philip (Right) and his best friend Octavio (Left). We went out for dinner with Octavio and snapped this shot. The two are deep in talks about movies.

Day 37

Upon cleaning out and closing down my darkroom at my parents house, I found the collection of vintage cameras that both my mom and I had been collecting. There were a couple of vintage Polaroid cameras. This is part of the Land Camera one. I've displayed many of the cameras I have around my apartment.

Day 36

I went over to Brand Park. They are currently doing some major renovations to the library that is on the property. There are a few different sections to the part. There is the library, the Doctors house, and Glendale Higashiosaka Teahouse & Friendship Garden. I edited this photo in CameraBag, using Helga filter, Grain, and the Notch frame. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I am probably going to have this one printed on canvas.

Day 35

So the Boyfriend found one of his childhood toys in a drawer at his sister's house. When he arrived back to the apartment, he told me he had a surprise for me. I started laughing when he produced it from behind his back. He thought it would be a great addition to the fish bowl that contains Tikis. 

Day 34

This is an Asian statue that was being stored in the Sister in Law's garage for a former neighbor. The neighbor finally came to pick up their stuff. This happened to be one of the things to be put on the truck last.  

Day 33

So many awesome people are born in the beginning months of the year. This is my friend Eliot's birthday party. It was held at Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz. I've driven passed many many times but never went in. It's kind of a hipster bar. But a good time was had by all. Pictured is Eliot and G4's Chris Gore, who is one of Eliot's good friends. 

Day 32

I wasn't having a good day, so I decided to head over to Bob's Big Boy to look at some really pretty cars. Also since I wasn't having a good day, I had put on one of my PinUp Girl Clothing outfits to cheer myself up. I did get lots of looks. Which is strange to me but whatever. This is the tail light of a car parked next to mine. 

Day 31

A friend lives in an apartment that has some very old appliances. The oven and stove top are in this very awesome 1950's aqua. They both still work but they really need some TLC.  I totally dig them. 

Day 30

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to get my photo for the day. The strip mall next to my apartment has lots of neon signs in the businesses. I like the reflexion of the neon in the window behind the sign. 

Day 29

I decided to shoot in an area that I don't normally take pictures in. I drove over to Atwater Village. It's a cute area of Los Angeles. There are a lot of really cool little stores along Glendale Ave. I saw this sign that had been ripped down. It looked really neat. There was some kind of buildings on the sign. I couldn't make it out. 

Day 28

Walking a parking lot in Glendale, I noticed the markings for different spots. The different textures of the asphalt and the colors of black,white and blue, I really found it fascinating. I have never really given it a second look. It really pays off to be aware of your surroundings. 

Day 27

It was a cold rainy day. Lots of gloomy clouds. I stepped out to take this photo when it wasn't really raining. These two palm trees look a little out of place with the gloomy clouds.  

Day 26

Taking a walk around your neighborhood is such a great idea. You get exercise and you get to learn about your surroundings. I love this part of this fence. It's starting to rust. You can see the little rust spots on this otherwise white metal fence. 

Day 25

This is the very yummy and very fun Grilled Cheese Truck. In LA, food trucks are still very much a big thing. The last friday of the month it's Ladies Night Out on Magnolia Blvd. There are always food trucks and lots of wonderful times to be had. Well, January's Ladies Night Out was rainy. I didn't stay long. But I wanted my oh so yummy grilled cheese. When I took this photo, I had probably 30 people in front of me waiting in line. 

Day 24

My living room is done in a sort of Asian theme. There is a nice big fan over the fire place. I took apart a three panel Shoji screen to use as art. A friend of mine had these small paper lanterns that were on some christmas lights that she was giving away. I took them and placed them on top of the entertainment center in the living room. They look great. This is a close up of the kind of lantern. The cherry blossom goes well with the Shoji screens since those too are of a cherry blossom scene. 

Day 23

There is this bar at the end of the block. I have never been in it. But it's kind of famous. It's been in several movies and tv shows. And it's been around since the 1940's. Which is really cool. I took this with my iPhone using the app Hipstamatic and the John S. lens and the Blanko Freedom13 film. 

Day 22

I follow on Twitter some amazing news feeds. One is @LAScanner and the other is @BurbankNBeyond. They are both really good at getting news before any of the majors get it. And @LAScanner is ridiculously funny!! It came over @BurbankNBeyond feed that there was some kind of car crash just down the street. So of course I had to pick up my camera and go check it out. A minivan jumped the curb and went all the way into the florist shop. One of the employees was temporarily pinned but got out with minor injuries. Everyone else was ok. It's been just over a week and it's still boarded up and they have not reopened.

Day 21

I've been a photographer for many years. I started out when I was high school. My mom was also a photographer. In my childhood home, my mom turned the laundry room into a laundry room/darkroom/craft room. When I went home last time, I finally closed up my darkroom for good. I gave the enlargers and most of the other equipment to Spectrum School and Gallery. Check them out here. I did save a few pieces of my beloved darkroom. These are reels that I would develop film on. I so miss my dark room.