Day 33

Date: Feb. 27, 2010
Weather: Misty, overcast, mid 50's
Time: 5:38pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Hollywood Hills
Misc. Info.: I have been wanting to go up to Lake Hollywood Dr. for awhile now. And we found this lookout point. So I jumped out and got a few pictures of the Hollywood Sign. Hopefully, there won't be house along here.

Day 32

Date: Feb 26, 2010
Weather: mid 50's, Dark,
Time: 10:05pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: North Hollywood
Misc. Info.: This liquor store was in the movie Clueless and I've driven by it a ton of times. Tonight the neon was not all on. I suspect the neon needs some service.

Day 31

Date: Feb 25, 2010
Weather: Dark
Time: 10:16pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info: I was/am still sick with this icky cold. I slept most of the day. I am a terrible sicky. I get whiney and revert back to a 12 year old. My Snuggle Bear comes out when I get sick. I've had my Snuggle Bear for over 25 years. I processed this picture in CameraBag with the CrossColor and Instant filters.

Day 30

Date: Feb. 24, 2010
Weather: Dark
Time: 9:14pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: I was very sick. I caught some cold and took cold meds and slept most of the day. I ran this photo through CameraBag app using Helga, and Instant Filters.

Day 29

Date: Feb 23, 2010
Weather: Hazy, mid 60's
Time: 5:08pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm Lens, ISO 800, Shutter Speed 1/30, Aperture f/5.6
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: This is mask I bought when I went to Italy in high school. Shot on a black towel for a background and used mostly day light coming thru the window.

28 Days to a Habit???

So recently I was talking with a friend about this project. And she said, you know it takes 28 days of doing something to make it habit. That stuck with me for the last couple of days. It's now day 29, I am not sure if it's habit yet or not. On a couple of the days I got lazy. And I'm not real thrilled with those pictures. But there are several I am happy with the way they turned out.

I have also decided that at the end of each month, I am going to post pictures that didn't make it for the daily picture. Looking though my photos, there are some that i really liked but they weren't as good as the one I posted. I know, I missed January, so I am starting with February.

Hopefully this 28 days to a habit thing will carry over to other parts of my life. We shall see....

Day 28

Date: Feb 22, 2010
Weather: Dark, mid 50's
Time: 8:34pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: San Fernando Blvd.
Misc. Info: Shot with the Hipstamatic App. using the John S. lens, and the Kodat film.

Day 27

Date: Feb. 21, 2010
Weather: Dark and Chilly
Time: 11:28pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: My apt.
Misc. Info.: I've always dug these rubber duckies. But I've never had one. I picked up one up at a local store called 8 Ball. They have really cool knick-knacks and rockabilly clothes. I haven't named it yet. But this won't be the last time you see the devil ducky ! ;) Processed with CameraBag, Instant Filter.

Day 26

Date: Feb. 20, 2010
Weather: Sunny, mid 60's
Time: 2:02Pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55 Lens, ISO 400, Shutter Speed 1/400, Aperture f/11\
Location: Venice Beach, CA
Misc. Info: I hadn't been to Venice Beach in years. I thought we'd go check it since the first and only time I had been there was on a short visit to California about 5 years ago. I remembered why I don't go to Venice Beach. Not my cup of tea. But there was this guy who spoke very little English selling the Day of The Dead type skulls painted with all kinds of things on them.

Day 25

Date: Feb. 19, 2010
Weather: Chilly, Dark
Time: 8:12 pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Glendale Galleria
Misc. Info.: Saw this as we were driving to pick up my computer from repair. I took several pictures with both the Point and Shoot and my iPhone. I like this one and ran it through CameraBag using the CrossColor filter.

Day 24

Date: Feb. 18, 2010
Weather: Dark, hazy, mid 50's
Time: 8:27pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Ikea, Burbank CA
Misc. Info.: Used Hipstamatic app again. I am really diggin' it. I used the Kaimal Lens with the Kodot Verichrome film look.

Day 23

Date: Feb. 17, 2010
Weather: Bright, mid 60's
Time: 2:00pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Rocket Fizz, Burbank CA
Misc. Info: I purchased the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. I really kinda dig it. I need to play with it some more.

Day 22

Date: Feb. 16, 2010
Weather: Sunny, upper 70's
Time: 2:30pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm lens, ISO 400, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/60
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: Shot in craft room. Processed thru CameraBag, Helga filter, Instant Filter.

Day 21

Date: Feb. 15, 2010
Weather: Sunny with a few clouds, mid 70's
Time: 4:08pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm, ISO 400, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/125
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: A friend left this part of a faucet at our place by accident. It was not needed for the project that he was doing. I placed it on our window sill where there was natural light. I then ran it thru CameraBag with the Helga and Instant Filters. It kinda looks like something out of an old Sci-Fi movie.

Day 20

Date: Feb 14, 2010
Weather: Sunny, low 80's
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Pasadena's Rosebowl Flea Market
Misc. Info: We went around noon to the Flea Market. There were way more vendors from the first time I went. I think that was because of Valentine's Day. But we looked around and there was a lot of stuff I wanted. Like these cameras. I love vintage movie and still camera. Alas, I walked out with three scarves. And that was it.

Day 19

Date: Feb. 13, 2010
Weather: Sunny, upper 60's
Time: 2:30pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Burbank, Ca
Misc. Info: Driving along San Fernando, I saw the Hostest's Twinkie Boy out waving. I could NOT pass this up! I love Twinkies and this was great!!

Day 18

Date: Feb. 12, 2010
Weather: Sunny, upper 50's low 60's
Time: 4:25pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm Lens, ISO 200, Shutter Speed: 1/500, Aperture f/5.6
Location: Bob's Big Boy, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: I love going to Bob's Big Boy on Fridays. It's classic car night. Although a lot of the car owners come earlier in the day and just hang out. This is silver f100 Ford truck.
I don't know the year but it is beautiful truck. I processed the photo in CameraBag for Desktop app using the CrossColor filter and Instant filter. I really dig this photo!

Day 17

Date: Feb. 11, 2010
Weather: Chilly and dark
Time: 10:30pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: New shoes from Target. I have a very hard time finding shoes. For some reason Target has some great shoes that fit! And they're kinda sassy! :)

Day 16

Date: Feb. 10, 2010
Weather: Dark, Chilly
Time: 10:35pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info: I hadn't taken my photo for the day and I got lazy and took one of my cat, Ling Ling. I adjusted her eyes so they weren't so crazy looking.

Day 15

Date: Feb 9, 2010
Weather: Low 50's, chilly!
Time: 10:00 pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Bob's Big Boy, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: Love Bob's Big Boy, will be back for the classic cars on friday.

Day 14

Date: Feb. 8, 2010
Weather: low 50's clear
Time: 11:13pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm lens, Shutter Speed: 1.3s, Aperture: f/5.6, ISO 400
Location: Los Feliz, CA
Misc. Info.: Used tripod and shutter release cable.

Day 13

Date: Feb. 7, 2010
Weather: Sunny, mid to low 60's, few clouds
Time: 3:30pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA
Misc. Info: Such a good day! First it was off to the Vintage Fashion Expo, then to the Pier. Phillip and I walked all the way down to the end of the Pier and back. We had a late lunch at Bubba Gumps. This shot was taken leaning over the railing of the Pier. I adjusted the contrast a bit and turned it black and white. I had so much fun. I really need to hit the beach more often. Boy, do I miss it!

Day 12

Date: Feb. 6, 2010
Weather: Dark and Clear, chilly
Time: 10:45pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Marie Callender's Toluca Lake, CA
Misc. Info: Out with Phillip and Esther.

Day 11

Date: Feb. 5, 201o
Weather: Rainy and chilly, low 50's
Time: 5pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm lens, ISO 400, Shutter Speed: 1/40, Aperture f/5.6
Location: Glendale, CA
Misc. Info.: I have wanted to shoot a laundromat for years now. But this is the first time I have gotten around to it. I want to go back with a model and do some fashion shots.

Day 10

Date: Feb. 4, 2010
Weather: Dark and cloudy
Time: 8:15pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm Lens, ISO 100, Shutter Speed: 1/100, Aperture: f/5.6
Location: My Apt.
Misc. Info.: I decided to try a few shots with some tea lights in sand. This was kind of test for another idea I have. I am not sure what to make of this.

Day 9

Date: Feb. 3, 2010
Weather: Dark and clear
Time: 9:45 pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Burbank Media Center next to the Ikea, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info.: Upon going out for food, I liked the way the stairs looked. I shot with no flash and it looks much better than if I had shot with a flash. I adjusted it a bit in Aperture. May play with it some more later.

Day 8

Date: Feb. 2, 2010
Weather: Dark
Time: 7:45pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 50mm Lens, ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/50, Aperture f/3.5
Location: Burbank, CA. Craft room of my Apt.
Misc. Info.: Yeah, not really digging this picture. I felt rushed shooting and it didn't feel like I took the time to really get into the groove. This is a garden gnome some one gave me years ago.

Day 7

Date: Feb. 1, 2010
Weather: hazy, low 60's
Time: 4:45pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, 18-55mm lens, ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/500, Aperture f/5
Location: Jackalope, North Hollywood
Misc. info: Shot at Jackalope in Hollywood. Last time I was in a Jackalope was in the late 90's in Santa Fe, NM. The image is cropped some and put through the app CameraBag for the Desktop. I used the Cross Color and Instant filters. Check out the CameraBag website!
I love them!!