Day 111

This is some netting from fruit that was sitting in a basket that had contained strawberries. I couldn't decide what to shoot for the day. And this was sitting next to the bag of recyclables. 

Day 110

Oh so yummy dessert! The Boyfriend and I had some friends over for dinner. We had pound cake with strawberries for dessert. Shot with Instagram using Rise filter.

Day 109

Pictured is Micheline Pitt. She is a model for Pinup Girl Clothing and is makeup artist. She produced her own modern vintage hair and makeup tutorial dvd. This was the release party for the dvd at the Pinup Girl Boutique

Day 108

This is the Canoe House Restaurant in South Pasadena. A friend, Tiki Al, had a small birthday celebration at the restaurant. The food was pretty good. The drinks needed a bit of polishing. They don't have many of the traditional tiki drinks. If those went onto the menu, it would be a totally kick ass place. 

Day 107

I had many events planned for the weekend. I was trying to decide what dress I was going to wear. Both are Pinup Girl Clothing dresses. I ended up wearing the dress with the sparrow tattoo print. It's a bit more casual looking. So I decided that was the Winner! 

Day 106

Walking down my street, I saw this lovely grouping of succulents. They have become a "Thing" here in SoCal. I've seen lots of planters with succulents. Many more than a few years back. I've been thinking about creating a small planter with some different types of succulents. I have a "black thumb" when it comes to plants. So we'll have to see.... 

Day 105

BACON!!! I went into Rocket Fizz for some soda and I found this by the fridge case. I didn't buy it. I'm not so sure how it would taste. I mean, I love bacon and I love cheese and I'm fan of Kettle Corn. But I just couldn't bring myself to try it. 

Day 104

The Boyfriend goes to school at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. This is The Angel of Death from Hellboy. They had the art from the movies in their gallery. It was so amazing and beautiful up close. 

Day 103

A late, LATE brunch at Bob's Big Boy. That's my yummy Cherry Coke. Taken with my iPhone. 

Day 102

Continuation from the day before, more and more fabric. As you can see there is some pretty wacky stuff. Lots of 1970's colors. Browns and oranges and greens. Not much I can use but I am pretty sure my crafting friends will be able to do something with all of the fabric. 

Day 101

The friend that I helped with costuming gave me a two big boxes of fabric as partial payment. The fabric was mostly 1970's vintage and had cedar shavings in them. So I had to shake out all the shavings before I could really get a good look at the fabric. 

Day 100

I went walking in my neighborhood. I walked past this lovely rose. I took about 5 shots with different framings. I liked this one the best. 

Day 99

This photo is really yellow due to the lighting in my bathroom. This is a new dress that I had gotten from Pinup Girl Clothing. I picked up their Heidi dress in bright blue. I have since picked up another Heidi. This time in Royal Blue. I am so in love with Pinup Girl Clothing.

Day 98

The reason I couldn't shoot Michael Half-Life for both shooting days is because the Memphis Belle came to the Burbank Airport. A few years back, I had the joy of seeing the Liberty Belle, another B17. She was involved in an accident a few years back. You can read about it here. I was so sad that we had lost one of these Flying Fortresses. The Liberty Foundation has replaced her with the Memphis Belle. This is the plane that was in the movie Memphis Belle. The Boyfriend and I get dressed up in World War 2 clothing. He in his uniform and I dressed up in my Rosies. Here's a picture of me:

Day 97

On of my Facebook friends, Miley Yamamoto, posted about needing a set photographer. I posted that I also did set photos. So she got me the information. The project is called Michael Half-Life. I had a blast on set. I could only work for one of the two days they were shooting. But I got some great pictures. Pictured in the center is David Maddox, the director and creator of the project. I can't wait to see the final cut. 

Day 96

Walking through Pasadena, I came upon an old hotel. This is accent on the door. I have no idea if the hotel is still operating but it did have a historical marker. Very interesting.....

Day 95

Driving around to do errands, I saw this lovely cherry blossom tree. I ran my errands and came back with my camera. It was so pretty. 

Day 94

Again, I was struggling for inspiration. I looked around my desk and saw a couple of minifigs. This one is an archer and I have no idea where it came from. Processed with Instagram using the Amaro filter.

Day 93

Bleh! Dose day. Yuck! Shot with Instagram using Mayfair filter.

Day 92

I couldn't decide on what to take for my picture of the day. I decided I shoot my ponies again. As you can see I also have some StarWars goodies in there too. 

Day 91

While the Boyfriend and I were walking in Downtown Disney, we came upon a store that had a lot of StarWars stuff. We had to go in. Towards the back of the store, they had other stuff. I found this awesome Jessica Rabbit t-shirt. I wasn't sure if I should buy it, but the Boyfriend said if I didn't that I would regret it. And he was right. So I bought it. Processed with Instagram using the X-ProII filter.

Day 90

WonderCon!!! This is one of my lovely friends, Dina. She cosplays a lot! She's really into Steampunk and this is her Steampunk version of Maleficent. You can check out her blog here. And if you don't know what Steampunk is, check it out here.

Day 89

Made it down to Anaheim for WonderCon!!! The Boyfriend and I decided to have dinner in Downtown Disney. As we were walking down the way, we saw the Lego Store. This was one of the displays outside the store. So awesome!! I can't wait to go back to Disney. It's been way too long. 

Day 88

Prepping for WonderCon. I hadn't dumped out a few of my CF cards for my other camera. I hadn't done that in like YEARS! The camera is the Boyfriend's and we don't have a good system for when and how we dump photos from cards yet. This picture of a picture has Just Jenn's AMAZING Leia cupcakes. Check out her StarWars recipes here! You'll love it!! 

Day 87

SHOES! I helped a friend out doing some costuming for an upcoming music video. So I found these shoes at a local Goodwill. They are awesome. I almost wish I could have kept them for my own costume box.

Day 86

Blue lights! I had gone to a electronic supply store. And they had all kinds of cool stuff. They had this stuff called Electroluminescent Wire or EL for short. You can read all about it here. This stuff is SOOO COOL!!!! It comes in many different colors but I really liked the blue light. I'm not sure how I will use it. Maybe some kind of cosplay. But for now, it sits on my desk being all bad ass. ;) 

Day 85

Walking through Target's toy section, I found these two masks on the peg this way. I started cracking up. It looked just so strange. I snapped a picture of it because the Hulk would not be into wearing Captain America's mask. 

Slacking.... But I'm back!

I've been so behind on posting. I haven't stopped snapping away. But the posting part, yeah.... I think part of it was switching from iPhoto back to Aperture. My hard drive that I have my Aperture libraries on has been acting strange. Weird noises. Noises that would make me wonder if the drive was crashing. But it's been fine lately. So I'll be posting a lot of pictures over the next few days. I am still really enjoying this project. I just need to make the time of posting. 

Day 84

I decided to check out the warehouse area just a couple of streets over from my apartment. It mostly warehouses but I found this small motel tucked in between all of this industrial area. It seems very strange but it looks like it's been there for some time. They had this amazing neon sign up. I will have to go back some night to see if it lights up.  Edited in Aperture. 

Day 83

Driving through Los Feliz, there is this car wash that I've driving past a million times. I've always liked the spiky triangles that line the outside of the car wash. I shot this with Instagram using the Valencia filter. 

Day 82

The Boyfriend and I went to a new Mexican restaurant just up the street from us. It was really good food. Very fresh and tasty. I had chicken fajitas. So YUMMY! 

Day 81

I had told Tavio (Pictured) about Vicious Dogs in NoHo. So we decided to head over there for some dinner. This is Tavio goofing around my sunglasses. They look fabulous on him! Hehehehe!