Day 80

This is a section from a store called It's a Wrap. They are an awesome store that resells props and wardrobe from movies and television shows. They have a lot of AWESOME stuff. In the past, I've gotten a couple of jackets that were screen used in Minority Report. I happened to find a pair of awesome cargo pants that were used in NCIS. I got them for $2.73! This is not the norm. They had been marked at $25, then down to $10, then $5 and then it was half off the last price. Totally a score!! 

Day 79

This is one of my cats. She is a Persian mixed. This is a test shot for the new Hipstamatic package I purchased. This is the Abbie Lens and the Dixie film. I'm not sure if I like it very much. Kinda a bummer set. Oh well. 

Day 78

My bathtub pipe was leaking into the garage. And it was leaking badly. It only leaked when I ran my tub. So the manager called a plumber. He came over and figured out that the leak was coming from the tub drain. But there was no access panel to get to the tub drain. So he had punch a hole into the building wall to access my tub's pipes. The manager wasn't happy but was also shocked that there were no access panels for most of the units bathtubs. They have yet come back to put a panel door on the hole. And it is currently being covered by a piece of cardboard taped to the wall. 

Day 77

On the back from my sister in law's, my boyfriend and I came upon a car accident. This white mustang had been hit by a pickup truck. The white mustang had cut in front of pickup truck and tried to turn. The pickup truck tried not to hit the mustang but was not successful. The people in the mustang had been drinking and after they had been hit, got out of the car and ran. We stayed with the driver of the pickup truck until a friend of his came. The police were called but it was like 45 minutes from the time we called the cops until left and they still hadn't come. We gave the driver of the pickup our phone number, just in case he needed us for anything. We haven't heard from him. And I can only hope that the cops came and everything worked out for the guy. 

Day 76

My sister in law had food poisoning. So I had go down to make sure she was ok. I snapped this picture while heading down to her house. ( No, I wasn't driving.) Processed with Instagram using the X-Pro II filter. 

Day 75

This is the dye bath for the jumpsuit. It's more of a blue black than a straight black. It turned out just fine. I wish I would have used a different brand of dye. I think the next time I have to dye something black, I will be switching brands. 

Day 74

I had misplaced my very awesome, very vintage sunglasses. I could not find them AT ALL. So I decided to purchase some cat eye glasses from an online store. And of course, my vintage glasses turned up the day before these were delivered! I'm not super in love with the new cat eyed glasses. They are oversized on my face. It's not exactly the look I was going for, but that's ok. At least, I have sunglasses now! Processed with Instagram using the Mayfair filter. 

Day 73

I purchased this jumpsuit in 2009 at a thrift shop. It sat in my closet since then. I am doing some costuming for a music video. I decided that I didn't like color and I was going to dye it black. This photo was to show the director what it looked like pre-dye. 

Day 72

Yes that is a TARDIS!!! I went back over to Clockwork Couture to pick up some pants for my Steampunk cosplay that I am putting together. They have a TARDIS outside of their store. So AWESOME! 

Day 71

I went for a walk in my neighborhood. I saw this heart stuck in a planting bed. It had been rained on and looked a bit sad. Shot with the Hipstamatic app using the John S. Lens and Float Film. 

Day 70

I hadn't gotten my photo for the day, so I decided to drive around Burbank/Toluca Lake area. There is an apartment complex that is next to Warner Bros. that I saw the sign of. And it had neon! It looks pretty vintage-y. And I love to see what the units look like. I have no plans to move out of my apartment but I always like to check out buildings. 

Day 69

I decided to drive down Riverside Drive into Toluca Lake to take pictures. As I was walking down the street, I saw this tree stump with this number carved into it. I have no idea the meaning. I just thought it was cool. 

Day 68

Driving around Burbank to get some fresh air, I snapped this picture. Nothing special. 

Day 67

Second dose of SuperSerum. This is the pump that administrates my medication. I did not sleep all the way through. Which was kind of a bummer. But I made it. 

Day 66

A rainy night. A chilly night. I shot through rain drops that were streaming down my dinning room window.  This is the security light on the building behind my apartment. 

Day 65

Driving in Pasadena, I saw this vintage gas station. It was closed down and it looked like it might be in the process of turned into something else. Not sure if the gas pumps were original or not. They looked to be in really good condition. So I'm not sure. I really want go back and take some more pictures there.  Shot with Hipstamatic app using the Americana Lens and Blanko Freedom13 film. 

Day 64

Late night fast food run. I know, I shouldn't be eating crappy fast food and I sure as hell should not be eating late. I can't seem get on normal eating schedule. This was shot with Hipstamatic App using the Americana Lens and the Blanko Freedom13 film.

Day 63

I had been looking for some vintage aprons lately. And at a vintage expo, I came across these two beauties.  So now I have three half aprons and no full length ones. I think I am going to get repro full length ones because I've seen a many that are really cute. Shot with Instagram using the X-ProII filter. 

Day 62

This was my fortune of the cookie I had gotten along with dinner. I'm trying to do that, Mr. FortuneCookie. Edited with Instagram using the Mayfair filter. 

Day 61

So after a long afternoon of hanging with Steampunk friends, I realized that every first Saturday of the month. Bob's Big Boy does a car show and 1950's costume contest. I decided to get all dolled up and headed on over. This is one of the cars. It's a 1940's(?) Chevy matte black with black pin striping. I fell in love. It is such a beautiful car. (Oh yeah, I won the costume contest. The prize is a $100 gift card to Bob's. AWESOME! :) ) 

Day 60

I acquired a few pillows with this sort of asian design. This is one of the nicer ones. I really like the pattern of this one. 

Day 59

Living in Los Angeles, there are so many amazing studios and so much amazing movie history. Burbank has many studios including Disney. This is the Disney Animation building. I got shooed away from the property by security because I was on the driveway taking pictures of the building. I still was able to get some really cool pictures.

Day 58

My sister in law brought over her new dog, Chiquita. But I call her Taco Bell. Or Derpy. Mostly Taco Bell. The dog answers. The sister in law is not too happy with me. 

Day 57

Driving back from the vet's office, I saw this sign. Thought it was really cool. I pulled over. It was windy that day and so I had a hard time getting the sign without it being bend over. 

Day 56

This is shot with my iPhone4. As I've been taking doing this Project 365, I've noticed that my iPhone camera has this green hue in the center of many pictures. I seems to only be there when I take pictures inside. It also does not appear when I take photos through an app. 

Day 55

Waking around North Hollywood, I came upon a building that had these fire hose connections. A few of them were capped but two were not capped at all. This is one of those uncapped connections. The colors within the coupling looked really interesting. I took a few pictures of it. This was the best one.