More Problems with my Internet.

So the U-Verse tech never showed up on Sunday. But things seemed to fix them self. I was wrong. Tuesday night things started acting funny. I unplugged and replugged the modem. That seemed to work. Wednesday morning, however, was another story. I called ATT again wanting a tech to come out and replace the modem. I got the most rude phone support agent. She didn't believe anything I said and was like rudely told me that she needed to do certain trouble shooting actions, which I told her they have been done before and I just wanted a tech to replace the modem. She then told me that it may be my network name and that she needed to change that. I said BS, that I had never heard of a network name causing connection issues. And to just send a tech out.

So finally after a lot back and forth, a tech is scheduled to come out tomorrow between noon and 4. We'll see if that really happens. All of this connection issues haven't allowed me to post in a couple days. Hopefully, tomorrow we will have a fix and I can post my latest pictures.

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