A is for....


I found this AT-AT in a box in my parent's attic. It was part of a Christmas ornament. There were two other Star Wars ships but I couldn't find them in the box. So the AT-AT came home with me!

Alphabet Soup

There is a photo blog that I like going to called photojojo.com. They have great tips and a small store and a nice forum. I checked out there forum recently and came upon this amazing post. I haven't been shooting as much as I had been for the Project 365. In fact, it's not often that I shoot. I decided I wanted to do a smaller project than the 365. So the project I have decided on is one photo a day going through the alphabet.

So with that, HERE WE GO!! :) :)


I love the Hipstamatic App. Two more pix while I was out roaming around today.

Ennis House

The Ennis House is amazing piece of architecture, even though it's Frank Lloyd Wright. ( The high school I attended was Taliesin designed and FLW was Godlike.) This house was used in the movie BladeRunner. It was damaged in the Northridge Earthquake. And while repairs were done, and it was open for tours for some time, it is now closed to the public. I hope that some day I will be able to shoot inside this amazing home!


So I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new Canon Rebel T3i. I purchased through B&H Photo and have been very happy. I haven't been shooting much. My life is a cycle of change. After the loss of my mother late last year, I've been emotionally all over the map. I have made some really good friends as of recent. Check out Thelxl.com We are nerdy/geeky girls making new friends.

I have also started a tumblr. I am not sure what I am going to use it for. At first, I thought maybe more photography stuff. But we'll see.

I am hopeful that I will be shooting more. I have been thinking about doing another Project 365. That might help get me out of the rut I am in. But for today, I am chugging along.