Day 166

The Boyfriend got sick. Poor boy. So off I went to pick up some soup for him. These are some of the better styled soups from Campbell's. 

Day 165

Pimp Yoda!! A friend came into town and we went to Meltdown Comics. This pimp Yoda was standing on display. So awesome! 

Day 164

I don't have ice cream that often. But this was a fun trip to the local Baskin Robbins. It was a warm night and there were lots of people and dogs around. I got the Cherries Jubilee. It was so yummy!  

Day 163

Disney has released Star Wars vinylmation characters. I picked up two more for my collection.

Day 162

For the Sister in Law's birthday, we went to Disneyland California Adventure. The Boyfriend and I have never been and the SIL hadn't been since Carsland had been put in. We had such a great time. Carsland was so much fun. I so want to go back! 

Day 161

The Sister in Law took me to a new Cuban place near her house. It's a Cuban market that has hot dishes to go. It is a little hole in the wall place but so yummy!! 

Day 160

I've driven by this church in Burbank a million times. And have been super interested in this neon sign. 

Day 159

My most favorite facial mask is from LUSH. I love the Mask of Magnaminty

Day 158

Upon returning to the Burbank area from hanging out with the Sister in Law, the 5 was a mess! Traffic was slowed to an almost stop. This far right lane accident was cause of the traffic mess. I snapped this picture as we were driving by on our way to the next exit. 

Day 157

Ah, the Valley TARDIS! 

Day 156

Hipstamatic released a new lens pack. This is the Madelena lens and Robusta film. This was a test shot of some lovely plants that live on the apartment deck. I'm kind of liking the brown hue to this shot. 

Day 155

While cleaning out some of my mom's stuff, I found this lovely vintage scarf in a drawer. It was packed away in some items I brought to California with me. I had put it away in a bag of thread and only found it again recently. 

Day 154

Ling Ling decided to sit on my lap while I was reading. This is so rare. She doesn't really sit on laps. So I had to snap a picture of this moment. 

Day 153

The step Sister in Law had a flat tire on her way to to work. She called the Boyfriend and I because I have AAA. So this was the building across the street from where her car was sitting. It was some kind of chicken plant because of the large chicken statue on top of the building. It kept me amused while waiting for the tow truck. 

Day 152

Cats are always really good about needing attention when you are in the middle doing something else. This is Ling Ling and she wouldn't leave me alone while I was trying to clean up the coffee table. She's kind of a brat. 

Day 151

Oh Torrid, you have some of the most awesome t-shirts. I didn't mean buy it, but I couldn't leave without it! My very first WonderWoman shirt. 

Day 150

Went on a walk around the neighborhood and saw these lovely pink flowers. I couldn't resist taking a picture. They really made me smile. 

Day 149

Ladies Night Out on Magnolia is always a great time! From the lovely shop to yummy food to the good friends, I always have such a fun time!

Day 148

Guava and cheese Cuban pastries from Portos. I was trying to guilt Tiki Al into coming over and having lunch with us. So I texted him this picture. He was super busy and wasn't able to come. 

Day 147

After feeling better than the day before, I decided to hit the Grilled Cheese Truck. (I'm a big fan!) I really love the Chicken and Waffle grilled cheese sandwich. So yummy!! 

Day 146

My poor swollen ankle. I was having such a rough day and my ankle flare. So not fun. 

Day 145

There was a large fire down the street from my neighborhood. It was a several alarm fire and was in a building that had lots of carpet. This is the morning after the fire was put out. There were several areas where the police had taped off. Of course, I had to try to get the best shot and had to go past the police line. And I did get yelled at by the police that were standing around. 

Day 144

One of my friends, Mel, throws every year a crazy awesome BBQ. There probably over 200 people that attended. And we even got "MelsBBQ" trending on Twitter. Crazy, huh?!?! 

Day 143

Bob's Big Boy was having one of their classic car shows. And the Batmobile showed up. How cool is that! More awesome super hero stuff! The picture kind of washes out the bright orange trim. But that's okay because well, Batman!!! 

Day 142

Ah... A lovely SoCal evening. Palm trees and the mountains in the background. Love it! 

Day 141

I love wearing bows in my hair. And I have several dresses that are different shades of blue. So I ran to Michaels Craft and picked up some lovely bows that will match. 

Day 140

After feeling so crappy the day before, I wanted to go out for a drive. And we came upon this pirate ship in some one's front yard. How awesome is that! 

Day 139

Feeling crappy after having such an amazing weekend is not that unusual for me. I decided that I wanted some pasta but I just didn't want to cook. I have been meaning to try this place out. I got some yummy pasta. Kind over priced. But since I wasn't in the mood to cook, it worked. 

Day 138

It's an all Avengers weekend! I went with family to see Iron Man 3 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. They had some AMAZING props and a display of Stan Lee's personal collection of Marvel toys. It was really awesome to see toys from the 70's and how some of the characters have changed over the years. 

Day 137

Here I am as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. 

Day 136

A friend was having a Fire Fly themed costumed birthday party. You could go as any Fire Fly character or any character from a Joss Whedon movie or TV show. I had gone to a convention right before Thor came out. And I got a a S.H.I.E.L.D badge. Pretty cool, huh?

Day 135

Upon my grandmother's passing, I received a vintage purse that had lots of her costume jewelry. The unfortunate part is that most of the pieces are broken or missing their mate. These are a few of the earrings that I need to repair.