Day 130

George Barris, creator of the Batmobile and other iconic television cars, has a yearly car show in Culver City. The main era of cars are 1950's and 1960's but we saw also many cars from the last 20 years. It was hotter than hell out. And it wasn't as enjoyable because of the heat. Also the cars were lined up funny. They had rows of cars that end to end. You really couldn't enjoy them. I thought this car was really cool. Very California! You can check out the website for the car show here

Day 129

The Boyfriend and I went to the West Coast Militaria Collector Show. There was a lot of really cool World War 2 items. Lots of German stuff and lots of Vietnam area items. Pictured is a rack of German World War 2 hats. We didn't buy anything but there was much to look at. 

Day 128

The spooky Old LA Zoo. There have been many movies and televisions shot here. It's kind of scary because it looks abandoned. But there are are always people around walking or doing photo shoots. 

Day 127

I had to do some errands and ran into the local Target. They started some crazy remodel. All the other aisles were squished together and made shopping difficult. They must have done things really fast because when I came in later in the week (because I totally had forgotten several things on my list) they had moved things back. 

Day 126

Walking through the Burbank Media Center parking lot, I snapped this photo of these garage doors with Instamatic. 

Day 125

A crazy late night rain storm. It was a total down pour. Driving through Burbank. 

Day 124

Again, I had felt cooped up in the apartment. So off for a drive through the hills of Glendale. There are so many lovely homes and quite a few over-sized, ostentatious homes. This is over looking the whole city. From Downtown Glendale to Downtown Los Angeles. So many pretty lights. 

Day 123

Still sick. But feeling a tat bit better. So we went for another drive. This is looking towards the hills of Burbank from the lovely community of Toluca Lake. 

Day 122

Still sick. But I wanted to get out of the apartment. I was starting to get stir crazy. So the Boyfriend took me out for a drive. We headed by the Bob's Big Boy because there was to be another classic car show. We drive by early and there weren't too many cars out. I really wanted to stop but I just didn't feel up to it. 

Day 121

Yep, I was sick. Sick with a nasty head cold. I couldn't breathe out of my nose at all. I was super congested and felt like crap. I was drinking more soda than I normally drink because the fizz felt nice.
 I was that sick. :( 

Day 120

Oh, I was getting sick. I picked up some noms at Ralphs. These apples looked so good. I forgot to go back and get some. :(

Day 119

I went into Hollywood to take pictures today. Wow, it's sad and depressing. Ok, I should say I walked down Hollywood Blvd. The mix of people was strange and sad and odd all at the same time. There were tourists, drug users, homeless kids and shop keeps. It's such a different time from when Ingrid Bergman was popular. Hollywood, the place is nothing like what you imagine. And that is a sad state of affairs. 

Day 118

Out for a walk in my neighborhood, I past by this walk way. I liked how the shadows played. I processed it with Instagram using the Mayfair filter.

Day 117

This the day we went to go actually see the Collings Foundation airplanes. I decided not to get all dressed up in my Rosie's but I did go in one of my Pinup Girl Clothing dresses. This was the last day to see the planes and there weren't as many people out to see them as the Memphis Belle or probably on that Saturday. I didn't stay too long because I had gotten too much sun the day before at the Art Walk. But I did get some nice pictures. And Bonus: Tiki Al and Magic Tiki were there checking out the airplanes as well. 

Day 116

Along the 5 freeway, there is an old Pabst Brewery which has been turned into a an artist community called The Brewery Artist Lofts. Twice a year, the community does an open house art walk. The website is here. There is so much really interesting art that goes on. This year, I ran into several of my friends who I didn't know were attending. It was really great. The Shirt, Pictured, was siting in someone's space. I just thought it was cool and it had lights! 

Day 115

This is a sneak peak of the Collings Foundation airplanes. They have a B17, B24 and P51 on tour. You can actually book a ride on them too. We stopped at the Burbank airport to check out if they had arrived already. And they had! There were people out looking at them when we arrived. 

Day 114

Holy lens flare, Batman! I took this sort of hanging out the window of the car. I took this with my iPhone4 and I totally didn't mean to make it lens flare but I really like the way it turned out. It looks almost like a flower. 

Day 113

I got a new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Mini Pony. This is one of favorites. This is Photo Finish. She is a FAMOUS photographer in Equesteria. You can read about her here. 

Day 112

Driving in Burbank at night. This is intersection of Victory and Verdugo.