The Sister in Law needed to run a few errands. So we headed off to the nearest Lowes. She needed to pick up some plants. I snapped this with my iPhone. I really like the colors of these flowers and plants in the little bit of water. I put a boarder around it using PictureShow. 

Day 19

In Glendale, there is this theatre called The Alex Theatre. It was originally a theatre for vaudeville performances and silent film screenings. It now hosts lots of amazing performing art productions. The Alex Theatre signs have a lot of neon. The night I went by to take pictures there was a big band concert. I really need to sign up for The Alex Theatre's mailings. I really would have loved to have gone to the big band concert. 

Day 18

Friday means heading over to Bob's Big Boy on Riverside Drive. There are always classic cars hanging out there. Jay Leno has been known to bring cars over to hang out. I've never seen him there, which is strange. I try to go over to Bob's at least twice a month. 


As I was walking in North Hollywood, I walked by this crazy looking sushi bar.  It's called Tokyo Delve's Sushi Bar. I've driven by it many times when there have been lines outside of people waiting to get in. I'm not a big sushi fan, so I never really gave it much thought. But it has lovely neon outside. I snapped a few pictures of the awesome neon. 

Day 16

Last summer I hear about this Danish pastry shop opening here in Los Angeles. It's over in Culver City and I rarely get over to that side of the city. I finally had enough errands to run on the west side that I was going to FINALLY try out Copenhagen Pastry. I was NOT disappointed! The top row is their version of kringle. And on the bottom row there is the copenhagen pastry, water kringle and cinnamon roll. I really enjoyed everything I had. I was a tad bummed to find out they only make the kringle in the traditional kind and not fruit filled. But I will live! Hehehe.

Day 15

The BF needed art supplies, so we went to Dick Blick in Pasadena. We had to park a block away. As we were walking, I noticed these really pretty glass blocks in the sidewalk. Some were broken and patched by concrete. I really liked the purple glass. I wonder what's the history of this side walk. 

Day 14

I love eating at the gourmet food trucks. I have a few that are my favorites. The Grilled Cheese Truck, Cousins Maine Lobster, Lobsta Truck, No Jodas . No Jodas is a Cuban food truck. Their Cuban Sandwich is STELLAR!!! They also have sweet plantains. So yummy!!! If you get a chance to have something from No Jodas, you will NOT be disappointed! 

Day 13

Driving home from my Sister-in-Law's house, the BF and I decided to see what was happening on Santa Fe Ave. south of Downtown LA. We came upon this new-ish coffee place on Mateo Street called Handsome Coffee. The yelp reviews say it's really hipster-ish and overpriced. And no Wifi. I may have to just try it out for giggles one day. I really like this photo. It really reminds me of the Edward Hopper painting "Nighthawks" I just was out snapping away and I didn't plan it. I think it's one of my favorite photos I've taken in recent memory.


I decided that I want to try a new place for lunch. Friends had told me about Vicious Dogs in North Hollywood. They are a hot dog and sausage place. It's kind of a hole in the wall place. But oh my! So worth it. I got their Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa and the BF got a chili cheese dog. It was SOOO good!!! It really reminded of hotdog places in Milwaukee or Chicago. It was that GOOD! I can't wait to go back! 

Day 11

My boyfriend loves the cartoon GI Joe. He mades custom planes and parts for the Sky Striker. Which is  the airplane in GI Joe. This custom was for one of his regular customers. 

Day 10

It's been super cold here in SoCal. I decided to get bundled up and go take pictures in Griffith Park. The sun was lower in the sky. It was much colder than I thought it was going to be. There is some kind of camp area in Griffith Park. I haven't done any research on it. 

Day 9

The day was overcast and kind of blah.  I had to run some errands and saw this car. I was waiting my turn to pull out on to the street and I got a good laugh from all of the Hello Kitty stickers. Made my day! 

Day 8

As I was walking around the neighborhood, I noticed on a utility box this strange tangled up mess of metal triangles. The edges looked sort of sharp. I have no idea what this metal could have been used for but it certainly caught my attention. 

Day 7

Looking out the window, I saw all the beautiful colors in the evening sky. As quickly as I could, I put on my shoes and jacket and grabbed my camera. I walked down the street and took a few snaps of this incredible alinement of leaves and the colors in the sky. I didn't really notice until I got back in to the apartment and imported the photos that the leaves made a heart. 

Day 6

It's my BIRFDAY!!!! One of my birthday presents from Tiki Al is this casting of a maquette from Mars Attacks. At one point the aliens were going to be maquettes but they decided to go the CG route. I really wish they would have gone with practical over CG. I think it would have looked SOO much better. Oh well....

Since there no pupils on the alien, it totally looks like a zombie alien. I think I am going to have vandaleyes it!  It really is Awesomely Creepy!!

Day 5

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday. I don't usually do much for my birthday. But this year I had a party at TikiNo, a tiki bar in North Hollywood. I had so much fun and so many of my AMAZING friends came out. I know beginning of January people are usually kind of burnt out from the holidays and/or sick. I am so grateful for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!! I had such a good time I didn't take many pictures. 

Pictured is my drink choice of the evening. The Blue Hawaiian. TikiNo's are probably one of the best I've had. SOOO YUMMY!!! 

Day 4

On the local news many weeks back, there was an article about how a company was going to be placing caviar dispensing vending machines in a few local malls. They said it's really big in Russia and now they are trying to make it a thing here in US. I had to run to the mall to pick up a few things and came upon THE vending machine. So if you need an emergency fix of caviar, you can now pick it up in malls!  

Day 3

Driving around East Los Angeles, you will come upon Mariachi Plaza, where you can find mariachi bands just hanging out. You can hire them to play your event. It's always a blast coming to this plaza. This was shot on my iPhone4 and edited with the app PictureShow using the tilt-shift function.

Day 2

After The RoseBowl Parade very year, they display the floats in Pasadena. I love going to look at the floats up close. It's really beautiful to see all that work. And all done with flowers, seeds and leaves. I am on the mailing list to help with the Burbank float but have yet gone over to help. Maybe this coming year will be the year! 

Day 1

I thought I would start this Project 365 out on California note. So here's a kinda blurry picture of the Hollywood Sign. I was all the way zoomed in on my iPhone4. This photo op spot was super busy. Probably over 20 cars lined this some what narrow street. I plan on coming back up here with my nice zoom lens and shooting this awesome SoCal landmark. 

Happy New Year!!!

It's January 1st and time to make some changes! I've made 3 resolutions. First, I've decided to start a new Project 365. I decided to start today. It makes it so much easier when starting this project to do it on the 1st. It gives you an easy end date. The second resolution, I will not be talking about yet. I don't want to jinx it. So it's under wraps for now. The third is to do a book of photography on a certain topic. It's a topic that I will need help with from friends, I will be discussing it more as the year goes on.

I hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve. And that any resolutions, changes, and/or promises you may have made come true!

And may You kick ASS in 2013!!