Day 270

Date: Oct. 24, 2010
Weather: Cold, had just rained
Time: 9:36pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, ISO 800, 70-210mm Lens, Shutter Speed 1/33, Aperture f/3.5
Location: Alley.
Misc. Info: I had no idea what to shoot. So I went out back and shot the driveway of the alley. This the light reflecting off the wet pavement.

Day 269

Date: Oct. 23, 2010
Weather: Chilly.
Time: 6:16pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Ikea, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: Pictured is Phillip's niece.

Day 268

Date: Oct. 22, 2010
Weather: Warm, Nice sunny
Time: 4:23 pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, ISO 100, 70-210mm Lens, Shutter Speed 1/125, Aperture f/4.5
Location: Hollywood Hills, CA
Misc. Info: Shot with my Rebel and processed with Infinicam on my iPhone 3Gs.

Day 267

Date: Oct. 21, 2010
Weather: Chilly, Dark
Time: 10:50pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Soto Street, Huntington Park, CA
Misc. Info: I took this out the window of the my car. I hadn't gotten my shot for the day.

Day 266

Date: Oct. 20, 2010
Weather: Damp, had rained earlier in the day
Time: 9:54pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, ISO 800, 70-210mm lens, Shutter Speed 1/160, Aperture f/4
Location: Hollywood, CA
Misc. Info: I really wanted to go test out my new lens. So I decided to go into Hollywood and shoot some pix of the neon there. I have always wanted to try Musso and Frank's but two of my friends have said its totally overrated and not worth the money. :(

New Lens!!!

So I have been using the kit lens on my Canon Rebel. It's just okay. I do have a 50mm f/1.8. It's a prime lens. I really haven't used it much. I know, I really need to just take it out and shoot with it. I just can't seem to figure out what to shoot with it. Maybe it's because it's a prime lens that I feel odd. I tend to shoot things that I need to zoom in on. On and off I have been looking on ebay at lens. I have actually bid on a few but lost out. So I found a sale for a lens, which I ended up loosing the auction. But the seller had another lens he was selling. I sharp shot the auction and WON!!! I totally did the happy dance!!! So it's a 70-210mm 3.5-4.5 lens. I got it for a great price and it has almost totally replaced my 18-55mm. I am so THRILLED!!! :) :)

Day 265

Date: Oct. 19, 2010
Weather: Chilly, kinda wet, overcast
Time: 2:59pm
Camera: iPhone 3Gs
Location: Highland Park, CA
Misc. Info: I had Phillip drive me around a bit and we ventured into Highland Park. This gargoyle was on someone's fence. Shot with Hipstamatic App using Helga Viking lens and the BlacKeys B&W film. Then processed in PictureShow using the Vintage Blue Style.

Day 264

Date: Oct. 18, 2010
Weather: Chilly, damp, overcast
Time: 2:47pm
Camera: iPhone 3Gs
Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA
Misc. Info: I decided to go back to the ocean to get my picture for the day. I took a lot and excited to get some different angles this time around. This seagull was sitting on the railing of the pier. I had shot it from one angle but the parking lot with cars in the background. I didn't much care for that. So I changed angles and walked towards the gull. It didn't like me coming at him, so he took flight. I snapped this shot and I was amazed I got mid-take off shot! I used the Hipstamatic App with the John S. Lens and the Alfred Infrared Film.

Work Flow

So with the upgrade to Aperture 3, I lost a lot of data that I had imputed into my Aperture 2 library. Data such as Hipstamatic lens and films. So I have decided to use Keywords which is something I haven't been using in the past. I think that by using keywords when the time come for an upgrade, they should go with. So the hours I have spent entering data have been lost in that old way, have been lost. Bummer. :(

Computer Issues and such....

So I finally got Aperture 3 from a friend. I was very excited to install it but I had some major issues on the way to actually getting it on my computer.The issues started waaayyyyy back when I had first gotten my MacBook Pro. I had done a total data migration from my old PowerBook, which had Leopard on it. I then upgraded my MBP to Snow Leopard and that's when things went south. I had so many spinning beach balls, I would curse at the computer. I knew that I had to wipe clean the computer and do an erase and install. So I did and restored my machine from my Time Machine back up.
Well that didn't really work out the way I had hoped. I just wanted to pull certain things out, not taking everything. Time Machine doesn't work that way. It wants to restore everything. So I took the MBP and my Time Machine drive over to the Genius Bar and they "fixed it". Yeah, not so much. So about 2 weeks later, I headed back over to the Genius Bar and after almost 4 hours, I got the things I wanted back on my computer and found out that my Time Machine back up is corrupt. So the best thing would be for me to wipe that drive and then use it as a Time Machine.
So since I have to wipe my Time Machine drive, I have decided that after I wipe it, I am going to use it as the drive that contains my Aperture Library. Having it on a portable hard drive is beginning to suck. It's too damn slow accessing my pix. So that must be done this week.

Day 263

Date: Oct. 17, 2010
Weather: Cold, rainy, YUCKY!!
Time: 3:07pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Pet-a-Palooza, Orange County Great Park, Irvine, CA
Misc. Info: So this was the first Pet-a-Palooza and unfortunately it rained and rained and rained. The rain didn't stop the Splash Dogs from doing their thing. I love seeing doggies jump into water for their toys. I hope Pet-a-Palooza is a go for next year!

Day 262

Date: Oct. 16, 2010
Weather: Hazy, humid
Time: 6:02 pm
Camera: iPhone 3Gs
Location: Hansen Dam, Lake View Terrace, CA
Misc. Info: I wanted to go exploring. And have never been to the Hansen Dam, so I went. I walked 2+ miles taking pictures. I took this one with my iPhone and adjusted it in PictureShow using the DuoTone Style, Black Frame and PaintDrop Noise. This picture really feels like its on a different planet. I really like strange look of it all!

Day 261

Date: Oct. 15, 2010
Weather: Nice, 70's
Time: 4:03pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Bob's Big Boy
Misc. Info: Went to Bob's again. This time a little earlier than normal. There weren't as many cars there because it was early. Shot using Hipstamatic app with John S. Lens and Pistil Film.

Day 260

Date: Oct. 14, 2010
Weather: Chilly, Very cloudy.
Time: 11:57pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: My Apt., Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: Taken outside my Apt. Adjusted in PictureShow using the Vivid Style

Day 259

Date: Oct. 13, 2010
Weather: Overcast, Dusk
Time: 6:37pm
Camera: iPhone 3Gs
Location: Linda Vista Community Hospital, Boyle Heights, CA
Misc. Info: OMG!!! The Linda Vista Hospital is a place I have wanted to go for AGES!! This hospital has been shut down for some time now and it has been used for filming TV(the pilot episode of ER was shot here), films (Outbreak) and music videos (Garbage's Bleed Like Me). This place is haunted. Ghost Adventures did an episode and it was CREEPY!!! I suggest checking it out. Do a Google search on this place, I think you'll totally dig it!! I shot this on my iPhone and processed it in PictureShow using the DuoTone Style, the 120 Reversal Frame, Light Leak #9, Zoom Noise.

Day 258

Date: Oct. 12, 2010
Weather: Mild. overcast
Time: 1:44pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Parking Lot of the Habit, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: The T-Mobil store was changing their sign. They had all the letters piled by a truck. I wish I would have asked for the "M". Not that they could have given it to me, but at least I wouldn't be wondering "What If?". I processed with PicGrunger using the Weathered Style.

Day 257

Date: Oct. 11, 2010
Weather: Warm, Sunny. Mid 80's
Time: 2:05pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: The Farmer's Market, Los Angeles, CA
Misc. Info: I went to The Apple Store at The Grove for a Aperture 3 workshop and afterwards, I walked around The Grove and The Farmer's Market. I had only been to The Grove once before and never to the Farmer's Market. It was cute. I want to go back and do some more exploring.

Day 256

Date: Oct. 10, 2010
Weather: Warm, mid 80's, Lovely
Time: 2:37pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: The Brewery Art Colony, Los Angeles, CA
Misc. Info: Twice a year The Brewery Art Colony has an Art Walk. Phillip and I attended the spring art walk and I was excited to attend the fall walk. This is outside of one of the studio and the gentleman in the lab coat is the artist of this studio. I had such a great time.

Day 255

Date: Oct. 9, 2010
Weather: Warm, Mid 80's, Dark
Time: 9:30pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Tonga Hut, North Hollywood, CA
Misc. Info: So I follow several "Geek Girls" on Twitter and a few of them were bummed they were not attending the New York Comic Con. So they decided to have a gathering at the Tonga Hut in North Hollywood. I went and had GREAT time. I met some amazing women who I admire and I had so much fun. Pictured is Amy in a Boba Fett helmet. The helmet was used as a bowl to draw names for some goodies. When my name was called, I received an AWESOME bar of soap from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I am IN LOVE with bpal!!!

Day 254

Date: Oct. 8, 2010
Weather: Warm, Sunny, So NICE!! :)
Time: 4:41pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, ISO 200, 18-55mm Lens, Shutter Speed 1/1250, Aperture f/5.6
Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA
Misc. Info: I needed to the beach in order to have a de-stresser. Things have been really crazy in my life with my health and my family. So I took my camera and headed over to Santa Monica and beach. Since then, the weight my shoulders has become much more manageable. I adjusted in Aperture and dropped the color out.

Day 253

Date: Oct. 7, 2010
Weather: Chilly
Time: 9:05pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Sun Moon Chinese, Burbank,CA
Misc. Info: Phillip, his sister and I got Chinese take out. Sun Moon is one our favorite places and it's really reasonably priced. To bug Phillip, I call it New Moon, he's not a big fan of the Twilight series. So he can't stand it when I don't call it by its real name! I did not put some of the metadata into Aperture right away and now I don't remember. Shot on my iPhone and adjusted in PictureShow App. Frame: BlackFinder. Light Leak: #2, #4. Noise: ?. Style: ?.

Day 252

Date: Oct. 6, 2010
Weather: Cold, rainy. wet
Time: 12:55pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: San Fernando Blvd in Los Feliz, CA
Misc. Info: Taking with Hipstamatic App using the Helga Viking Lens and the BlacKeys B&W film. The weather was miserable. Grey and cold. When I look at this picture, I can feel the cold.

Day 251

Date: Oct. 5, 2010
Weather: Dark, Chilly
Time: 11:13 pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Gas Station, North Hollywood, CA
Misc. Info: Processed using CameraBag for Desktop using CrossColor and 1974 filters

Day 250

Date: Oct. 4, 2010
Weather: Cold, Rainy, Yucky.
Time: 6:23pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Pasadena, CA
Misc. Info: I went out to Samy's Camera in Pasadena to look at a new camera body. I have an original Rebel DSLR and I want a better camera body. So I went to handle the newest Rebel. I totally dig it. I really really want to get it. So Phillip went with me and we walked around Old Town Pasadena for a while. And I really liked this stone path.

Day 249

Date: Oct. 3, 2010
Weather: Chilly
Time: 6:59pm
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Americana, Glendale, CA
Misc. Info: After getting my computer fixed at the Glendale Apple store, Phillip and I walked over to the Americana so I do some shopping. I also took this picture of the clock. I really like the dual faces.

Day 248

Date: Oct. 2, 2010
Weather: Mid 60's-70's
Time: 9:40
Camera: Samsung Point and Shoot
Location: Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
Misc. Info: Phillip and I were on our way down to his sister's house and I asked to detour into Chinatown so I could take some pictures. I really dig the neon that I got. This is not adjusted at all and I really like the outcome.

Day 247

Date: Oct. 1, 2010
Weather: Hot.
Time: 6:28pm
Camera: Canon Rebel, ISO 200, 18-55mm Lens, Aperture f/4, Shutter Speed 1/200
Location: Bob's Big Boy, Burbank, CA
Misc. Info: Once again a Friday night at Bob's. We saw a lot of the regulars there. And I got this shot of the CarHop sign.