DAY 53

This is a water feature in front of the FedEx office here in Burbank. I love the falling water and the color of the stone. It's kind of hard to see here. It works better in real life.

DAY 52

The BF aunt was going back to Mexico and we took her to LAX. But we had a ton of time to kill before her flight. So we went over to the Tom Bradley building to get some food and to walk around. I love the big board of Departures!

DAY 51

OMG!!! This was a DRAMA filled day!!! It was a continuation from the day before. I will try to make a long story short. So the lady in the picture is Luz. She is the best friend of my Sister in Law (SiL) She was having major drama with a TV she had purchased from Best Buy. It was an open box and didn't have the screws for the base. Several hours later, we had the screws and we took it back to her place to install the base and hook it up. When it was plugged in and turned on, I noticed a dead pixel in the upper right hand side. It was very noticeable. So we unplugged everything and repacked it and decided to meet up the next day to get the TV swapped.

So I woke up early the next morning and we got her TV swapped out. So this is a picture of her standing next to the new TV,  very HAPPY!

DAY 50

I shot this waiting for the BF's aunt to come out of church. She is from Mexico and we would take her down the cathedral in Downtown LA. This man got out of an SUV and started to put on some robes. I don't know who is but I thought it was interesting how the man was being treated with kit gloves.

DAY 49

The reason Teresa and hung out the day before was to chat about taking pictures. Teresa is a blogger for many sites including and She asked me to take pictures for an article she was writing on a short film called Hughes the Force. It is a funny film combining John Hughes sensibilities and Star Wars. This was the premiere in Hollywood at Harmony Gold.  It was a really good film. And I had a blast taking pictures for her. Hopefully, Teresa will ask me again to shoot photos for articles she writes.

DAY 48

This is a friend of mine. Her name is Teresa and you can check out her blog here 

She and I hung out. I made sure I got a picture of us.

DAY 47

The friend I was house sitting for had some really pretty and interesting things on her walls. This garlic bulb and flowers piece was on the wall in her kitchen. I thought it was so pretty. I really liked the colors and textures.

DAY 46

I took this picture close to dusk. I was having a hard time deciding on what to shoot. So I took my macro lens out. This is the apartment call box for my apartment building. I really like this picture for some reason. I like the metal tones.

DAY 45

Okay, so I kind of have a thing for rubber duckies. I never had one as a kid. But now as an adult, I really really like them. I have one that is a devil ducky. The one picture is silver and has a bronze buddy. I also have rubber farm animals as well. 

DAY 44

While walking in the alley behind our apartment building, there was this Spiderman  yo yo sitting on the ground. I decided to take a macro shot of it. 

DAY 43

YODA!!! Lots of Yodas!! Upon wandering in Little Tokyo, I went into a store that had lots of tchotchkes and knick nacks. There were some really nice mugs and books. As I walked towards the back of the store, I came upon some origami. But not just any origami, YODA!!! Lots of different sized Yodas. It was AWESOME!!!

DAY 42

This is on Glenoaks Blvd. in Burbank. We were driving back from house sitting. This gas station had been closed for sometime. It looks like they had been doing some work on it.

DAY 41

It was really cloudy and the light was really amber. I shot this with one of the creative filters on my camera. It wasn't this amber in real life. But I really kind of like this shot.

DAY 40

I had purchased an adapter for the Diana lens. Diana's a plastic camera, with the initial popularly starting in the early 60's. My mom had a few which I took back the last time I visited. The adapter ring allows me to put the lens onto my Rebel. This is one of the first images I took with the new lens. 

DAY 39

As I shot the car wash sign the day before, I got this really cute idea. The BF was gone for a week training for a job. I thought it would be cute to take pictures of letters in signs to spell out our names. We had seen this done at a store over in Santa Monica and we had talked about doing this but hadn't gotten around to it. So I had shot most of the letters for our names. (This is the PH from the Target Pharmacy sign.) But I knew of this sign that had a big E and small M. I went over and shot it. And as I was walking back, I didn't notice the sidewalk had a step in it. I tripped and fell. I hit my head and sheared off some skin on my trigger finger. My camera fell and bounced. Nothing broke on the camera. But I did a doozy on my finger and pride. I was very lucky that I didn't break anything on me or the camera. I made it home where my neighbor was walking out as I was walking in. She took care of me. I ended up being fine in the long run. No permanent damage to either the camera or myself. I just need to be more careful when I am out shooting.

DAY 38

While driving through Burbank, I am always on the look out for interesting signs. I have passed this car wash countless times. So I decided to take some photos of it. From this shot, actually came up with my shot for the next day and some major drama as well.

DAY 37

I had to take the BF to LAX early in the morning. He was flying out for a job. As I came back, I stopped to take some pictures of the sunrise. They didn't really turn out all that well. I was exhausted. I found this really interesting tree trunk. I took this photo with the Hipstamatic App using the Bettie XL lens and the Pistil Film.

DAY 36

I heard a fire truck race down the street. And then I hear another and another. And then I smelled smoke. I walked out back of my apartment and I saw a smoke plume. I decided I had to go check it out. So I headed towards the smoke. I saw firemen and trucks stopped about 4 blocks away. So I walked up with my camera to where the firemen were. They were pretty relaxed about things. So I figured it must not have been a big deal. I asked a couple of people what had happened. And I was told that there was major smoke coming from a deli but no real fire. I snapped this shot of a fireman talking on his walkie.

DAY 35

I love taking picture down on Santa Fe Ave, which is just south of downtown LA. There are many warehouses in the area. One of the warehouse's had metal gate down but you could see into it. I saw this statue and found it to be very interesting. So snapped a few shots off and this is one of them!

DAY 34

I spent the weekend of the month of Sept. house sitting for a friend. This is the view out of her master bedroom patio. I used Picture Show app on the iPhone4 to make it vintage looking.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

This week I cried for the loss of a man I had never met. I cried for Steve Jobs. The man was such an innovator. Such a smart, amazing man. I worked for Apple retail a few years ago. In store R001, the 1st store! Even though I had many ups and downs while working there, I always had such a deep loyalty and respect for the man. I wished had been able go to the mother ship and train, Just in the hopes I would have seen him.

I know his physical pain is gone. And He is in a much better place. But I am sad for his family and his Apple family.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently”

Think Different!

May His Soul Rest In Peace!