DAY 51

OMG!!! This was a DRAMA filled day!!! It was a continuation from the day before. I will try to make a long story short. So the lady in the picture is Luz. She is the best friend of my Sister in Law (SiL) She was having major drama with a TV she had purchased from Best Buy. It was an open box and didn't have the screws for the base. Several hours later, we had the screws and we took it back to her place to install the base and hook it up. When it was plugged in and turned on, I noticed a dead pixel in the upper right hand side. It was very noticeable. So we unplugged everything and repacked it and decided to meet up the next day to get the TV swapped.

So I woke up early the next morning and we got her TV swapped out. So this is a picture of her standing next to the new TV,  very HAPPY!

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