Computer Issues and such....

So I finally got Aperture 3 from a friend. I was very excited to install it but I had some major issues on the way to actually getting it on my computer.The issues started waaayyyyy back when I had first gotten my MacBook Pro. I had done a total data migration from my old PowerBook, which had Leopard on it. I then upgraded my MBP to Snow Leopard and that's when things went south. I had so many spinning beach balls, I would curse at the computer. I knew that I had to wipe clean the computer and do an erase and install. So I did and restored my machine from my Time Machine back up.
Well that didn't really work out the way I had hoped. I just wanted to pull certain things out, not taking everything. Time Machine doesn't work that way. It wants to restore everything. So I took the MBP and my Time Machine drive over to the Genius Bar and they "fixed it". Yeah, not so much. So about 2 weeks later, I headed back over to the Genius Bar and after almost 4 hours, I got the things I wanted back on my computer and found out that my Time Machine back up is corrupt. So the best thing would be for me to wipe that drive and then use it as a Time Machine.
So since I have to wipe my Time Machine drive, I have decided that after I wipe it, I am going to use it as the drive that contains my Aperture Library. Having it on a portable hard drive is beginning to suck. It's too damn slow accessing my pix. So that must be done this week.

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