Day 117

Date: May 23, 2010
Weather: Windy, mid 60's
Time: 2:16 pm
Camera: iPhone
Location: Galco's Soda Pop, Los Angeles, CA
Misc. Info: So I had heard about this store that had all kind of soda from a couple of people. I finally told Phillip we should head over. OMG!!! This place RULES!!! They have a TON of different sodas. From colas to cucumber soda. It's so amazing. You could drop a lot of money fast. And they have beer too!!! I love Sprecher beer. They are a microbrew from Milwaukee and I can't find them out here. I can find their sodas but not beer. And Galco's carries them!!! I am so excited. I am totally gonna go back for more soda and good beer!!

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