Over Due Posts

Due to some major hard drive issues, I realized that there were some missing posts. I transferred my Aperture library from an older external hard drive that had only Firewire 400 to much larger external hard drive that has Firewire 800. It still takes a couple of hours to transfer. Well the new drive has been acting up on and off for months now. I have been very worried. Then 2 weeks ago, the drive was making these HORRIBLE clicking and grinding noises. I transferred the library back onto the old drive. In the process of looking for the serial number on the new drive, I held the drive over my head. Once I plugged back into transfer, the drive was no longer making noises. I really think the drive needs to be replaced. But I'm worried that they won't replace it. Kind of like taking your car to the mechanic and it stops making that annoying noise. 

So hopefully, there won't be any more issues. And I will be able to post more frequently. 

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