Notes for Today and Plans for the Future!

So I totally enjoyed my Project 365 and as seen in my previous post, I took a Food/Product photography class. Since my class ended, I haven't been shooting much. With the stress of my mother's passing and my health, I just haven't been in the mood to shoot.

I went back home to clean out the darkroom. My mom was also a photographer and when we moved into the house I lived in for most of my life, my mom wanted a darkroom in the laundry room. So my dad put in cabinets and my mom got her darkroom. That was the darkroom that I did most of my black and white photography. We had both a color and black and white enlarger but we never did get around to using the color one. So when I went home, I was tasked with cleaning out the darkroom. All the chemicals and tools and enlargers. I had contacted a lady at MIAD and she will be getting all of the equipment. I found a TON of negatives/slides and a several cameras. One of them is a Kodak Brownie which had film in it. So I took it to Samy's Camera and had it developed. I am excited to see what is on it. I believe the camera was a yard sale find. So I have no idea what will be on it! I will be picking up the film this week.

Since there were a lot negatives and slides, I purchased a negative/slide scanner from B&H Photo. I received it today and have to clean off my desk to set it up. I will be posting some of the scanned photos on this blog.

The next step in my photography. Well I have decided to buy a new camera body. My mom and I had talked about getting me some new equipment before she passed away. And since my Rebel is their 1st offering in the DSLR category and was purchased off eBay, I think it's time for an upgrade. So I am looking at getting the Rebel T3i. I really wanted to get the 7D as people are using that to shoot webisodes and I have been asked on more than one occasion if I had that model. But I can't hold the damned thing. It's too large for my extremely small hands. I decided that I want to take more classes. And I want to do some alternative portrait photography and pin up photography.

So I am hopeful that I will be posting again. I think once I get back into the groove of shooting, it will help my moods and get me motivated again. Motivation has been seriously lacking in my life as of recent. That's all for now! :)

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