Day 143


This is the first day since I started this project that I didn't get any pictures. I am disappointed in myself. I have gotten lazy about posting but I *was* taking pictures everyday. I started going though my pictures I have. I am currently using Aperture 2 for management. My work flow goes sort of like this. I import all the photos I have taken for that day into a "Project", then I have an "Album" for the photo have chosen for my photo of the day. So when I went into my album for the day and found that I didn't have a photo for June 18th. I was shocked. I had to do a little looking. I looked on my camera to see if there were any photos that I hadn't imported. But no luck. :(

I also have started some "Albums" for each month for photos that I like but I haven't chosen for the day. I have also started book, because I have decided at the end of the 365 days I am going to create a coffee table book of my photos. The layout of what I have so far is most certainly going to change before I send it off to be printed.

So anyways.... I have decided that I am going to continue on and not restart. I just have to be more aware. And ask myself, "Do I have my picture for the day?"

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